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Marketing Plans


We assist small businesses and organizations to formulate and carry out a comprehensive marketing plan to help meet the goals of the business or organization. We work directly with the business or organization from the start to implement strategies, including advertising, brand identity, graphic design and digital integration that will best meet their needs and ultimately lead to success.    

Website Design and Management

We design and build websites for small businesses and organizations. In addition to designing and building the website we manage the website on an ongoing basis to keep the content fresh and relevant. We also integrate and manage social media tools to work in conjunction with a businesses website to unify the businesses overall brand identity with its marketing strategy.    

Public Relations


We work with small businesses and organizations to publicize their achievements, successes, upcoming events and newsworthy stories. We incorporate different methods of publicity including press releases, newsletters, direct emails and social media integration.    

Visitor's Maps
We partner with municipal agencies and/or business associations to create custom, artist inspired, hand-drawn maps of local areas for use as visitor's maps. The maps are distributed through advertisers, visitor's centers, hotels and at local events. Our maps are a great resource for the tourist who is looking for information about the area. If you know of an area that would benefit from a visitor's map please let us know by sending us a message on our Contact page.
We currently produce maps in the following locales (click to view map):

Professional Representation


Fat Cats Events & Marketing represents and endorses professionals from all walks of life, including musicians, athletes, coaches, sports officials, military personnel and corporate/civic leaders.  Our roster of professionals is available for many professional services such as speaking engagements, autograph sessions, photo opportunities, promotional appearances, endorsements, TV and radio color commentary, meet and greets, and musical performances.  Let us help you find the right professional for your next event.​

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